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National Homeschool Book Award

The 2012-2013 Winner!
Congratulations to Matthew J. Kirby on his win with

Thanks, homeschoolers for reading and voting this year!

The 2012-2013 Nominees

Icefall Summer of the Wolves
The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic

The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic - Jennifer Trafton

In THE RISE AND FALL OF MOUNT MAJESTIC, Persimmony Smudge is the irrepressible character in the middle of a story that takes place on the Island at the Middle of Everything. After she discovers the truth about the island’s beloved mountain, the fate of the whole island (and its many diverse inhabitants) depends on her ability to bring everyone together to save them all from certain disaster. Her peaceful solution helps others see how working together can achieve so much more than working for one’s self alone. Read more.

Summer of the Wolves - Polly Carlson-Voiles

In SUMMER OF THE WOLVES, a long lost relative comes into the life of a sister and brother who find themselves in need of a new home when their foster mother is no longer able to care for them. After relocating not just to another part of the country, but to a whole other way of life, Nika finds healing in being part-time caretaker to an orphaned wild wolf pup. As she grows to accept her new family, she also becomes more and more bonded with an animal that is not destined for domestication. Will she be able to accept another loss? And will she allow her new family and friends to help ease her pain? Read more.

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict - Trenton Lee Stewart

Nicholas Benedict is the legendary character from the Mysterious Benedict Society series. In this stand-alone prequel, Nicholas Benedict is an orphan in a Dickens-style setting where he fights to keep his rampant narcolepsy in control in order to secretly investigate the mystery of a millionaire’s missing treasure. As fans of the Benedict Society novels know, Nicholas is a child genius--lucky because he’ll need smarts to outwit the bullies who torment him and the less-than-caring caretakers at the orphanage. Read more.

Icefall - Matthew J. Kirby

With writing that feels both intimate and legendary, ICEFALL is the story of a girl named Solveig living during the ancient Viking age. Her father is a Viking king and has sent his three children away to keep them safe from the war being waged against their kingdom. While squirreled away and protected by an impassable fjord for the long Norse winter, Solveig finds herself facing the fear that she is unloved and without purpose compared to her sister who will marry to unite kingdoms and her brother who will someday claim the king’s throne as his own. But her worthlessness is challenged when tragedy befalls the steading and she finds a new strength in herself as a storyteller. Read more.

Join In!

Being a part of the National Homeschool Book Award is free and simple!  We announce the four nominees in November.  You and other homeschoolers around the world read the four books.  Then, let your voice be heard by placing your vote for your favorite in October! The winner is announced in November.

In between, there will be opportunities to learn more about the books and their authors through blog posts featuring information on topics in the books and ideas for activities that you can do together to enrich your reading, as well as a how-to on starting a NHBA book club in your community.

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